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In the year 2021, during a leisurely walk through the bustling streets of downtown San Diego, two friends, David Burton and Kimberly Plumlee, were struck by an innovative and compassionate vision. They imagined a future where the streets of San Diego would be lined with fruit-bearing trees, creating an urban oasis where homeless and food-insecure individuals could freely pick and enjoy fresh, nutritious fruits. This vision was not just about providing food but also about transforming the urban landscape into a source of sustenance and beauty, bringing a sense of hope and community to those in need.

Inspired by this idea, David took a significant step towards turning this dream into reality. In August of 2023, he founded Fruitful Futures, Inc., an organization dedicated to actualizing the concept of edible, urban forestry in San Diego. The mission was clear: to plant indigenous and sustainable fruit trees throughout the city, not only to address hunger and food insecurity but also to contribute to environmental sustainability and community engagement. Fruitful Futures aimed to create a network of green spaces that would not only offer fresh produce to the underserved but also serve as a symbol of growth, resilience, and unity within the community. David's initiative marked the beginning of a journey towards a greener, more compassionate San Diego, where the simple act of picking a fruit off a tree could bring a moment of joy and nourishment to someone in need.